Digital Divide: Equity and Technology


After reading and listening to all the articles and videos provided, three big ideas stuck out to me.

1. The same way technology can be used as an accommodation, those without technology should be accommodated for. I have had students with dyslexia who have been allowed to listen to a book on CD or with dysgraphia who can type instead of handwrite reports. We have discussed about how a flipped classroom may help those with attention deficits. But what about those without access or for whom technology presents a problem? It seems that alternative forms must be provided. As UDL teaches us, it is important to provide students multiple ways of engagement, representation, and expression. What I don´t know is how that will look. If the teacher creates a webquest for students, must he also provide books and paper the students may use instead? (Side note: In this class, we have talked about how students who fear to speak up in class often prosper blogging. What about those who don´t fear speaking but do fear grammatical errors published for all to see by blogging? )


2. I know I recently wrote about NPR but these two stories were recently aired that have exactly to do with this topic:

Explore Diversity in Tech and Science

How an Early Love of Math Led to Her Role as CEO


3. This doesn´t have to do exactly with tech in education, more diversity in the field….but I thought I would mention it. Most of the week´s readings talk about the access, performance, and representation of African-American, Latino Americans, and women, as the minority groups in tech. My husband, a Spanish citizen, is an IT guy by profession, (honestly, no idea what he does specifically, I hear “Big Data” “C++” and “Hadoop” a lot). Recently, he was job hunting and was called and e-mailed everyday by dozens and dozens of Indian tech firms in the U.S. looking for java programmers. Just thought it was interesting to see the representation of another ethnic group in tech.


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