Presentation Resources


I was really excited to try “Wordle” and since the class on last Tuesday, I have attempted to use it on five different computers (two desk top PCs, one Macbook, one desk top Mac, and one laptop PC) and all of them said they did not have the Java plug in required! At first I tried to download the new plug in, but after three tries, on three different computers, I decided to explore another resource.

I tried the stock photo website and was surprised at the limited amount of photos available! For my classes, I often want a random picture, such as a girl riding a tricycle or a man dialing a phone….so, I searched both of those phrases. “Girl on tricycle” resulted in about four background type pictures of the Mona Lisa. As far as “Man dialing phone”, the closest was called “Jewish Man Praying with Phone” and was $3.00 to use.

Today, I decided to give these presentation resources one last try, and I checked out the flickr-storm website. Five searches in a row resulted in “Sorry- we tried our best
but didn’t find anything for that query.Just give us a different one and we’ll try again…. or: Flickr’s service is having a massage. Please try your query again a little later.Sorry about the delay!”

These resources are supposed to make presenting easier, and after exploring them, I would rather just draw my own pictures or make my own graphics by hand, if that’s what it is going to take to get an image or design in the ballpark of what I need!


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