MindShift: Learning About Learning


I have been exploring the blog MindShift which post articles about policy, studies, and trends in education. It was launched by an affiliate of NPR and seems to have a variety of contributing authors.

When I saw the blog, I didn’t know where to start.  Almost every article (about 89%) peaked my interest. However, as I read posts on new studies on new methods to teach different types or learners, or the harms of certain educational programs, I realized it seemed to me just like the hard copy teaching journals we have available at our school. Although the information grabbed my interest, the concept of presenting teachers with the latest developments on educational theory and practice is not a new idea.

That, though, got me thinking about my relation to blogs in general. I spend way too much time on news, lifestyle, and travel blogs. Not only does this entertain me, it has changed my behaviour in small ways. I have definitely purchased a pair of cute shoes I saw on a fashion blog, and decided to buy plane tickets on a Tuesday because of a travel article.  I think I unconsciously take the word of internet information more seriously because the self interest of the contributor is farther removed.

That being said, the MindShift blog will be a great place to learn about new trends in education policy or the latest studies, especially when I am out of the graduate school classroom. I see that if I am going to let media influence me, it might as well be in a positive way for my profession!!


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