Focus of This Semester


I am teaching second grade next year, and I would love to see my students use the 4c’s of collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity. I think a standard I would like to focus on would be the VDOE Science standard 2.1 which is aimed at using scientific reasoning to solve practical problems. Knowing this group of kids, developing these 4c skills is going to take a lot of time and very purposeful instruction. At this age, (now first graders) the students are willing to be creative and even think critically, but collaboration and communication are not quite where they need to be (“sharing” toys is a pretty recently required skill for them!), and I think second grade is a great time to develop these areas.

I would love to see them assess a problem using their scientific reasoning and collaborate to invent a solution. Science, to me, seems a perfect place to introduce a project  specifically aimed at using the 4Cs. This may be because I didn’t recognize science as useful until I was in junior high and had decided I wasn’t any good at it anyways. If we could spend a good amount of the year practicing the 4Cs on a small scale, I would eventually love to design a science experiment that would not only allow them to use the 4Cs but would keep them interested in science!



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